RECERTIFICATION FOR 2018 Begins April 1, 2018!!!

The letter will be mailed for next year’s recertification on April 1st, 2018.


In order for a Certified Assistant to maintain his/her certification, an annual total of 20 recertification credits obtained during 2017 must be submitted. Please submit qualifying material accumulated during 2017, this would include any 2017 Journal questionnaires answered, and any seminars or conferences attended during 2017. The hours for each meeting are based on contact hours offered in the meetings. Certificate(s) given to you at the meetings will reflect hours you can use. If certificates do not reflect credit hours, a copy of the program must be included.

If you were certified after August 1, 2017  you are only responsible for 10 recertification credits.

2017-2018 Recertification Questionnaires (click titles below)

1st quarter 2017 Journal Questionnaire

2nd quarter 2017 Journal Questionnaire

3rd quarter 2017 Journal Questionnaire

4th quarter 2017 Journal Questionnaire

Radiology Questionnaires

Kesha Davis, PMAC and Tina Phelps, PMAC serve as Co-Chairs of the Recertification Committee. Each Recertification Co-Chair is assigned a group of states alphabetically. If you are from states A-P then Tina Phelps, PMAC will be handling your recertification process. If you are from states Q-W then Kesha Davis, PMAC will be handling your recertification process.


Please email Tina at with any questions.

Thank you!

for Recertification Material if you a PMAC living in States A-P

Form: recert A-P

 for Recertification Material if you are a PMAC Living in States Q-W

Form: recert Q-Z

 for DPM Recertification Materials

Form: Doc recertificaion-materials

If you have any questions regarding recertification, please contact your recertification chair.

 States A-P & DPM’s: Tina Phelps at
States Q-W : Kesha Davis at