Podiatric medical assisting is a small and rapidly-changing professional career. As a result, our role is not understood as well as it should be by other professionals, our peers, educators, and the general public.  Obtaining membership in the ASPMA will establish your identity as a podiatric medical assistant, a professional whose support and participation will help the profession develop and gain recognition.

Who Can Belong?​​

Anyone employed by a doctor of podiatric medicine who is a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association. We invite you to fill out and mail our membership application.


Advancement occurs by testing and becoming certified. Members are eligible to take the exam after membership application is completed and Member in Good Standing cards are received.  The exam is compiled and administered by a qualifying and examining board consisting of seven certified podiatric medical assistants and two doctors of podiatric medicine.  The exams are administered by a Certified board member at various meetings.  Times and places are listed in the Journal.

Membership Applications

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New Member Online Application


1. Making connections

Membership in the only national organization for podiatric medical assistants gives you the opportunity to meet other persons engaged in the same profession, sharing the same interests.

2.  Meeting the need to learn

Membership provides opportunities to obtain continued education and certification.

3. Keeping you informed

You will receive the ASPMA Journal, published quarterly.  The Journal contains educational articles, information regarding professional meetings, study information for the certification exam, and news of activities of members throughout the nation.

4. Help keep your career on track

Be a member in the only national organization for podiatric medical assistants.  Gain professional recognition, prestige, and the ability to obtain certification.

5. Professional liability and health insurance

Our organization is working with major carriers to provide these benefits.

“The ASPMA reserves the right to revoke and/or refuse membership and certification to anyone not complying with the terms of ethics and code of conduct set forth by the ASPMA and APMA. The ASPMA also reserves the right to reinstate such statuses deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors”