ASPMA Board 2019-2020

The ASPMA board is the governing body of the American Society of Podiatric Medical Assistants. The ASPMA holds an annual scientific meeting in conjunction with the Midwest Podiatry Conference in Chicago, along with a business meeting and election of officers.

ASPMA Board Members and contact information.

Executive Board

President -Michele Bradice, PMAC   email:
President-Elect- Tara Brown, PMAC  email:
Vice President—Kim Heineman, PMAC  email: Secretary Brenda McCarty, PMAC email
Director—Karen Keathley, PMAC  email:
The Membership Chairperson—Tina Phelps, PMAC  email:

Supporting Board Members
The Scientific Program Chair—Michelle Handley, PMAC  email:
The Chairperson of Qualifying and Examining Committee- Elizabeth Rudy, PMAC  email:
The Recertification Chairpersons— Tina Phelps, PMAC and Kesha Davis, PMAC email:,
Director of Communications—Cheryl Bailey, PMAC email:

The Retiring President of the Association~ Elizabeth Rudy
Board of Directors- Amanda Gibson, PMAC email

Members of the American Podiatric Medical Association—John Carradine, DPM; Brittany Crowhurst-Jones, DPM