The purpose of the ASPMA is to promote, foster, improve, sustain, and advance the profession of Podiatric Medical Assistants. Our goal is to elevate the standard of education of Podiatric Medical Assistants. The ASPMA also plays a role in the advancement of the podiatric medical profession and to the improvement of public health. The ASPMA desires to promote honorable and friendly relations among its members; and to enlighten the public concerning all matters pertaining to the profession of the podiatric medical assistant. The ASPMA works cooperatively with all podiatric medical profession segments to achieve these purposes.

Benefiting The Profession Of Podiatric Medicine And Surgery

One of the ways in which we contribute to the podiatric medical profession is with the Zelda Walling Vicha Memorial Trust Fund enables the ASPMA to award two $2000.00 scholarships to needy fourth year podiatry students throughout the United States.  The scholarships are based on financial need and high scholastic achievement throughout the student’s podiatric schooling.  The ASPMA is proud to be able to contribute to the future of the podiatric medical profession.