Administrative Examination


Two ways to take the exam. Administrative.

1. Online certification, you have 30 days to complete ALL SECTIONS of the exam from the start date of the first exam.
2. Written form with a review course at several conference locations. Check our calendar for dates, don’t see your state conference listed ask your state to invite us to give a review course and exam.

You must have an average of 70 percent for all seven sections to pass the entire exam. You are only allowed two sections with a retake at $50.00 each; more than two failed sections result in retaking the ENTIRE test. 

Administrative (390 questions) (Currently getting updated & on hold)
1.) General Background
2.) Anatomy/Biomechanics
3.) Terminology
4.) Emergency Med & CPR
5.) Medical Jurisprudence
6.) Office policy and procedure
7.) Billing and Coding

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