Membership Reinstatement

If you are trying to renew your membership you are NOW past the deadline.

See Bylaw for rule~

Section 4.1 Dues

H. Any member who is dropped from membership, wishing reinstatement shall have to go through the Executive Committee for approval of reinstatement. They will need to submit a letter stating why they did not renew for the time frame, that they were dropped. Which cannot be more than two (2) years. Upon approval by the Executive Committee, the former member will need to pay all past dues and assessments including late payment fees, this will all need to be faxed to the Executive Director. A former member whose membership has lapsed for more than two (2) years shall make an application as a new member.

Steps YOU need to take.

  1. Contact Tina at Membership chair and find out if you are eligible for reinstatement.
    1. Get the years that you need to pay for (1 or 2 Years)

2. Print off and fill out the Membership reinstatement form listed directly and FOLLOW all directions on the form, which is listed below

3. You will be contacted by ASPMA with the status when it is completed. Please allow 2 weeks from the time of receiving, above documents.

This reinstatement will NOT reinstate your Certification, that will have to be redone.

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