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  1. We are having a lot of questions regarding how to properly clean Dremel heads. What is the standard practice for your office? How are you cleaning them? Do you use them in the auto clave or are the heads just for single use? Looking to see what others are doing to see what options we have.

    Thank you,

    Amber PMAC

    • Hi Amber,

      Are you talking about the burr bits? If so, we clean and autoclave them like any other instrument in our office. We only use them once, then wash them, as we don’t use cold sterile of any kind in our office. So we use a wire brush to clean all the instruments. Then we pack them in pouches an autoclave. I hope this helps. So how do you clean/sterile the ones in your office? Let me what other practices do.

      Cheryl Bailey, PMAC, PRAC

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