Tips on Navigating the website.


If you are looking for recertification information.

Hoover over the Certification tab, and click the recertification tab. The forms you will need will be located at the bottom of the page. Make sure that print the forms for April if you live in A-P states. Kesha if you live in P-Z or a DPM.

Looking for the CME information?

After login in, go to the “Members only tab” Click the CME’s for the ASPMA tab. All the information you need will be located on this page.

Looking for your login?

Did you register for one yet? They are NOT automatically given. They are NOT the same as the testing/exam site. In the same area to log in, you will see the register. Click that and fill out the information, you WILL need your ASPMA member number. If you are a DPM you will need your APMA member number. Once you register, your account will be made, an email sent with your login information.

Do not register for the website multiple times, it will only delay your registration. Thank you

CHeryl BAiley, PMAC PRAC~ Director of communications

We have 72 hours to make your account, please keep in mind that we all work for a Podiatrist during the day, so a lot of our work is done on our lunches and at night. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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  1. Thank you so much for making this post about going through this process! Being not very internet savvy it’s hard to navigate different websites! I appreciate all you Ladies’ hard work.

    Thanks again Ladies,