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MPC 2017

Several lectures  are below more will be added as I receive them.

Medicare Midwest 2017 Assistants (2)

MIPS Midwest Doctors final

New Bunion Codes-2017


Calcaneal Apophysitis

Ross Taubman, DPM

Dr. Ross Taubman, President of PICA, recently provided exciting lectures at the 2016 Midwest Podiatry Conference in Chicago. These lectures can be viewed by clicking on the below links:

The Administrative Assistant’s Role in Risk Reduction

The Clinical Assistant’s Role in Risk Reduction

Communication & Documentation: The Assistant’s Role in Risk Reduction

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  1. I was hoping to see Dr. Daniel Evans power point from MPC on Radiology. His lecture was excellent! Michelle H. asked him for it, and he stated he would give it to her. Is there still a chance we could get it via the website?


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