Turn your weekdays into weekends


By: Jesus C. Vazquez, PMAC

Weekdays are for work and weekends are for fun and joyful moments. At least that is what we have come to believe. Are we actually capable of experiencing a joyful life throughout the week, without sacrificing out work and personal responsibilities?

Could you take some small action today to help you achieve fulfillment and experience some joy? This is a question that we don’t ask ourselves often. Instead our thoughts of of doubt take over, we tell ourselves that joyful moments will come at the end of the workweek and on the weekend, not realizing we have the potential to have the ability to make everyday a joyful one.

We have twenty-four hours in a day, we work around 9 hours, we sleep 8 hours, and we have 7 hours of time to ourselves. During those seven hours we divide them to our personal and our home responsibilities. However, it seems we spend those 7 hours thinking of how busy and tired our lives are that often we tend to settle for a day lacking fulfillment and joy.

Every individual has special interests, activities that could bring us happiness, and relationships that need further fostering and developing. These individual interests should be tended to and not left unfulfilled, we should strive to become joyful and fulfilled individuals no matter how much free time we think we have.

There are three key steps to living a more joyful and fulfilling life.


Inspiration is the base and the drive that drive us to feel motivated. We often seek motivation, only to notice that it is more of a short hype that is hard to keep us moving long term.

When we get inspired, we come up with our own plan to make change happen. It can lead to an moment of clarity where we can see what and how we can make our lives better.

Seek liked minded individuals and communicate about your shared interest. People are happy when they talk about something that they truly like. You may not have the time to join a book or a joking group for example, but you may be able to get engaged in online forums, phone conversations with your friends, or take part of a one hour class every other week where you can learn and get inspired to continue doing the activity. You can also visit blogs, or websites.

If you want to start walking, jogging, or even gardening, you should subscribe to Facebook pages that promote and give you inspiring articles, quotes or pictures. These items show up on your page whenever you login giving you a source of inspiration that you can then turn into a motivating force.

Our lives can’t be out on hold or slowed down to allow us to do the things that make us happy. However, we can coordinate it better to allow us to partake in joyful activities. If you find it difficult to do your activity after work, you should consider carrying a bag with things you could do during your lunch hour.

Lunch hour is greatly underutilized to make us happy. You can transform it from a eating time to a time of fulfillment.

  • Carry your running shoes and apparel and go do a small walk or jog.
  • Spend the first 20 minutes of your launch reading your favorite novel.
  • Read blogs or visit websites you like to visit to learn or get inspiration.
  • Spend that time writing emails to your friends, or calling someone that makes you feel good.
  • Take that time to get to foster relationships with your coworkers. Join them for lunch.
  • Even be productive and pay your bills, so that you may have more time after work to spend with your family doing an activity.

Coordinating our lives, may also mean simplifying it. The key to allowing you to own more of your free time, is to find things you can do without. Are there areas in your life that you can do without? Areas you can delegate or tedious time consuming tasks you can pay someone else to do for you?

  • Ever considered paying someone to mow your lawn so that you can spend that time doing a meaningful activity?
  • What about having your cash washed at the gas station, rather than your spending 45 minutes at home washing it?
  • How about cooking larger quantities, so that you have more leftovers, and snot have to cook daily?
  • Most importantly as they say “don’t sweat the small stuff”. Do not focus a lengthy frame of time on something that you could do in less time. It could be done faster and maybe not as “perfect” as you would like but you should would allow for more time to do the things that could matter the most.

Simplicity is the key to better coordination.


Get into motion, and get involved in the things that can bring you happiness. Think to yourself every day “What am I going to do with a fraction of my seven hours of time after work to bring me some satisfaction?”. Remember even if you do something you enjoy for 20 minutes you can bring a great deal of satisfaction to your day.

There is no better time than the present. Learn to live in the now. It is ok to reserve and schedule time to yourself. Make this time sacred, yet a little flexible if you have the demands of a family or a second job. We cant’t go extended periods of time without fulfilling basic human needs like sleeping and eating. And they key to happiness also lays in the notion that humans can’t go extended periods of time without some sense of fulfillment that comes from our relationships, friendships and also from the need to participate in activities and hobbies that bring us joy.

Stop telling yourself weekdays are only for working. You need to see the potential in every evening to spend a little time on a joyful activity.


Every week spend a few minutes and find out if your week was a fulfilling one. Ak yourselves these questions.

  • Are the activities you did still bringing you joy, or are they not as important as they were before?
  • Did you take a small action every day to do a fun activity? Even for just a few minutes?
  • Most importantly is you personal and professional life still well managed even if you did your activities?
  • Do you think you need to do more of an activity, or should you do less of it?
  • Did following your interest have a negative or positive impact on your outlook in life? Was it a joyful week?

Answer these questions and make changes accordingly. It is normal to have your week look different than what last week looked like. Revaluation is about accepting the fluidity of time and our responsibilities.

You are the master of your own time, only by acknowledging this you can truly set yourself free to allow yourself the pursuit of joy and fulfillment.

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