Graphs: Meeting your business goals needs a different approach


At meetings we often talk about needing to meet goals and certain benchmarks. We know where our goals lay, yet we find it very difficult to see our progress towards them. We run numbers and percentages. These figures are crucial if you are an office manager or business owner, as they correlate to the financial health of your business. To the rest of your employees these numbers or percentages can have no meaning.

Is your team not meeting your office goals? Well, your business should learn to use tools that other companies use.

Manufacturing is a numbers driven business, their goal is to have high yield outputs while maximizing their profit. They have learned to use visual graphs to track numbers and percentages as a way of increasing employee engagement in reaching certain goals. These graphs are updated either daily or weekly, showing the direct result of employee performance and how this relates to reaching performance goals. In our medical offices we can too learn to use graphs to our advantage.

Graphs are a great way to visually show you a road map of the direction your office is headed in regards to your goals. It allows every member of your team to see that their work contributes directly to the success of your business. It also allows for accountability when you fall short on meeting a goal.

What can you start graphing?

  • Over the counter product sale goals.
  • EHR Meaningful Use capturing goals.
  • Customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Customer number of complains.
  • Number of New Patients seen per month.
  • Number cancelled or missed appointments.

If your team needs a stimulating way to be engaged in meeting certain goals, then visual graphs are a great way to help you reach your them. Remember, a picture can be better than a “thousand words”. Even think of combining financial incentives like bonuses to your employees performance, if your practice goals are meet.

by: Jesus C. Vazquez, PMAC

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